About Louise

Hi, I'm Louise and live in Forest Hill in South East London, where I have lived for most of my "adult" life with my husband David and two children - Issy (17) and Elliot (12).  Not forgetting my geriatric cat, Jocasta and our gorgeous staffie rescue dog Ruby.

I lead a very busy life running two Monkey Music franchise areas, front and manage an alt-folk/americana, five-piece band called Paper Fish, try and look after my kids' every need and at the same time attempt to stay sane.

I write this blog because I enjoy writing and connecting with other people.  It is also here to help me make sense of the world and the new journey I have found myself on over the last few months.

Following a series of horrible crises around Elliot, I found myself in a state of terrible anxiety and stress.  Unable to sleep properly, permanently angry with everyone and everything I stumbled upon a mindfulness course in London and over the next eight weeks started to heal.

This led me to a book about Daniel Suelo, The Man Who Quit Money, buddhist teachings by Pema Chodron, Tammy Strobel's delightful book You Can Buy Happiness and it's Cheap, the wonderfully liberating Project 333, and currently Tammy Strobel's writing course Writing in a Digital Age.  I have no idea where this will take me and in a way the beauty of it is I don't really care - I just know I want to grow, learn, and more than anything, experience life to the full whilst simplifying the parts of my life which restrict my ability to do this.

I hope you enjoy my blogs.  Please feel free to comment and disagree with me - don't be too polite, the Finney part of me likes a good argument!  Thanks for reading, Louise.

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